Stober gearboxes review: New and improved

Stober has unveiled new gearboxes for the G-Shock, G-Mod and Stober-branded P-Mod models.

Stober gear boxes have the same three-position gearbox configuration as the GShock and G-MOD but feature a single, longer-spanning, rotary gearbox.

The new gearbox features a new, larger rotary bearing with a different gear ratio for each gearbox position, which reduces the number of moving parts required for the gearbox to rotate, the company said.

The new gear ratios for the three models are:In the G Shock, the new gear ratio is 3.00:1 for the top gear, 3.25:1 at the bottom, and 3.5:1 between the front and rear wheels.

The top gear rotates at a 45-degree angle while the bottom gear rotats at a 60-degree.

The gear ratio has been upgraded from 1.00 to 1.25, Stober said, which is a 10-percent increase in gear ratio over the old gear ratio of 1.50.

The gear ratio between the top and bottom of the G Shocks has also been increased from 1:1 to 1:3.4.

The P-Mods gear ratio will be 1:2.5, a 12-percent improvement over the gear ratio from 1, and the Gshock and GMod gear ratios will be 3.05:1 and 3, respectively.

The rotary bearings will have a new motor, and a new “steering mode” will be available for the new rotary gears.

The company said the P-mod and GShocks gear ratios are “upgraded” from 1 to 2.5 because the rotor bearing rotates faster at high RPMs, but “will only be able to spin at higher speeds for a shorter period of time than the old GShock gear ratios, which were limited to 30-degrees of rotation per gear.”

Stober also said the new P-modules will have new “battery packs” that will be able “to charge the Pmod gearbox for up to seven days before the battery pack will need to be replaced.”

Stiber also said that the new G-Shocks will have an improved rear axle design, which it said will improve aerodynamics, handling, and stability.

Stiber said it’s working on new gear options for the Stober P-Shok, P-Slo and P-Pro models, but those products are expected to ship in 2017.

The Stober company also released the G3, G3R, and G3L models.

The G3 is a new entry-level G-mod model, while the G 3R is a “sub-modular” version of the original G3 that comes with a more powerful motor, which Stober says is optimized for a larger range of driving situations.

The G3S has the same rotary and rotary-bearing gear ratio as the original Stober G-3, but is equipped with a new two-speed gearbox and a “supercharged” battery pack that can deliver more than eight hours of continuous driving, Stber said.

The battery pack is also more durable than the original gearbox’s, the Stber website said.

Staber said it plans to release a new model called the G2S, which has a lower, lower-performance motor that will allow for a lower torque curve for a more comfortable ride, while also having improved fuel economy and emissions.

The two models will be offered with a “Supercharged” lithium-ion battery pack, Stiber said.