‘Tear off’ and ‘Taste’ in the ‘Tiger Shark’ Kickstarter campaign

This is the latest in a series of video from the Gearbox Robotics community that show off how the new Gearbox Tear off robot is able to operate.

In this video, we’re shown how Gearbox engineers are working to develop the Tear Off robot.

The video also shows how the robot works by using a pair of 3D printed gears, which are used to cut a hole in the T-shirt.

The gears are attached to a chain, which then ties the Tshirt together.

The Tear-Off is designed to be used for making a small amount of parts and can be programmed to move forward, backward, or in one direction at a time.

The gearbox is able do all of these operations without having to do any special hardware.

The Gearbox team is also working to add more features to the Tearing Off robot, such as an autonomous landing platform and a customised docking station that can be attached to the arm.