Subaru says new hub city gear box won’t replace 2019 Subaru WRX STI transmission

The Subaru BRZ, WRX and WRX Sport models are all slated for a redesign, with the hub city transmission to be the first model to get the upgrade.

The transmission, which was originally introduced in the WRX, WRT and STI models, is expected to replace the standard gearbox that powers the vehicles.

Subaru has also announced that the hubcity gearbox will not replace the STI’s automatic transmission.

The WRX will receive a new front drive axle, as well as a rear drive axle for the first time in the STi lineup.

The rear axle will be used for both rear and front drive vehicles, and the STIs WRX is expected have up to 50% more torque than the previous WRX.

Subaru will also announce a revised front suspension for the WRT, WRG and WRR models.

The front suspension will also receive a wider axle spacing, to allow for more rear-wheel drive and more power.

All four WRX models will receive larger brakes.

The STI will also get a rear-drive axle.

The new front suspension is expected be lighter than the STG’s, and will be able to handle higher speeds more easily.

Subaru is also expected to introduce the new all-wheel-drive STI in 2019.

Subaru also plans to introduce a redesigned manual transmission in 2019 for all the models.

A new steering wheel and pedals will be available as well, with Subaru planning to introduce an upgraded steering system in 2019 with a more powerful motor.

All-wheel drives are expected to come standard in the 2019 WRX with the transmission, and all-speed transmission in 2020 for all models.

Subaru and Subaru will release more details about the 2019 Subaru BRX and BRZ later this month.