Why Trump’s campaign is the biggest political failure in U.S. history

Breitbart News has a team of reporters dedicated to tracking the Trump administration’s major political failures.

Here are three of the biggest failures that the president’s team has to face.

The first is the failure to enact any meaningful gun control legislation.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to veto every gun control bill in Congress.

His administration has failed to enact an even single gun control measure that passed Congress.

There have been no meaningful gun-control measures enacted by the Obama administration that Trump has even mentioned.

It is now widely accepted that the Obama Justice Department and FBI intentionally allowed the gun-buyback program to run afoul of the Second Amendment, the Second amendment’s ban on state-level restrictions on firearms.

Even the NRA’s own president, Wayne LaPierre, has said the gun buyback program was designed to enable gun traffickers and criminals to purchase guns.

Despite the president claiming he wants to “take the guns off the street,” he has failed miserably in enacting any meaningful legislation that could reduce the gun violence that is destroying our communities.

Second, Trump has failed in implementing any meaningful immigration reform legislation.

Despite a series of court challenges to the President’s executive orders to halt immigration from countries deemed to be in violation of the U.N. Convention Against Torture, the President has not even begun to implement his executive orders.

The Supreme Court ruled that the President is not entitled to any constitutional authority to suspend the issuance of visas for foreign nationals who are in violation to U. N. Convention against Torture or other U. S. laws.

Instead, the Supreme Court ordered the President to issue a new executive order that would suspend the visas until Congress acted.

Congress has failed, and the American people have rejected this latest attempt by the president to implement any meaningful reform to immigration.

Third, Trump failed to enforce the Clean Power Plan.

Despite his repeated threats to veto the proposed Clean Power Package, the Trump Administration continues to issue permits to polluters.

The Environmental Protection Agency has already issued permits to nearly a dozen coal plants that are already operating illegally and polluting our air, water, and land.

The Clean Power Act requires that coal plants comply with emission standards set by the U,N.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

While the Trump EPA has issued permits for coal plants to continue operating illegally, the EPA has yet to enforce those permits.

While Trump’s EPA has failed repeatedly to enforce its power plants’ pollution-reduction permits, the Clean Air Act has required the EPA to enforce all of its power plant emissions-reductions commitments.

The EPA has never issued a permit for a coal plant to discharge toxic waste into the air.

While the president is claiming that he is “working hard” to enforce his Clean Power rule, the rule has already been in effect for five years.

Finally, Trump’s administration has not been willing to hold companies accountable for their failure to meet the terms of their pollution permits.

This has been a major issue for the president.

Trump’s Administration has refused to enforce regulations on greenhouse gas emissions that have already been issued by the Environmental Protection and Clean Water Acts.

Trump is threatening to overturn the Clean Water Act and have companies like ExxonMobil and Dow Chemical fined for not meeting their pollution targets.

While many Americans are outraged by the President and his policies, the reality is that the American public has not accepted Trump’s false claims of being “working” to address climate change and has instead rejected his promises of “toughness.”

It is time for the Trump White House to stand up for the American People.