Uber has scrapped its “Power Wheels” system and replaced it with “Hydraulic Gearboxes”

Uber is planning to scrap its proprietary power wheel system and replace it with a “HydRAulic Gearbox” system that will allow drivers to steer around corners at a more controlled speed, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The move is in response to complaints from customers that the power wheel was not reliable and could be used by drivers who don’t have an UberEATS card or are not certified.

The change is a blow to Uber’s reputation as a ride-hailing service that has been criticized for its lax safety record and aggressive tactics to increase profits.

Uber’s Power Wheels system, which has long been used by customers to steer in tight spots, was one of several changes Uber made to improve safety in the past year.

Uber has also introduced more aggressive driving patterns that some customers say lead to more accidents.

UberEAT, the service Uber uses to pay for food and transportation, was recently launched and has already become a popular service for Uber drivers.

Uber says it is working to improve its safety record, but it has long had a reputation for having poor safety measures.

Uber was sued by several California cities and drivers for alleged safety violations in the summer of 2018, and was recently hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging that the ride-sharing company engaged in illegal labor practices.

The company said that the lawsuit was “baseless” and that it was pursuing all of the claims.

Uber also faces an internal lawsuit from UberEats customers who claim that the company has a history of pushing people into unsafe driving patterns and refusing to reimburse them for lost rides.

The class-actions lawsuit was filed in the California District Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco.

Uber said the class-cases lawsuit “fails to state a claim that Uber engages in illegal or fraudulent acts or practices.”

UberEATING drivers can now use the new “Hydrasulic Gear Box” system.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.