Trax gearboxes not coming to Trax 4.0, says parent company

In this Aug. 24, 2018, file photo, a Trax Gearbox assembly line worker prepares a TraX 4.3, a model that has been in production since 2017.

The Trax gearset, a small modular gearbox with a large gearbox that sits on top, is still on the drawing board for a Tra X 4.5, the next generation of the Trax.

The company announced its new Trax version last month, but the gearset is still in the early stages of development.

(The Associated Press)Trax’s new TraX gearbox is a modular gear box with a small, modular gear for use on a Traxx 4.6.

(Trax) “We are working on the gearbox.

We are really trying to figure out how it works,” said Tom McNeil, CEO of Trax, in an interview with CBC’s The Early Edition.

“We’re hoping to have a good prototype and be ready to ship in late 2019 or early 2020.”

The company says the TraX gearset can be used in an earlier generation Trax line, but its future will be in a larger gearbox as the company continues to expand.

The new gearbox will have about 500 moving parts, and McNeil said the gears will need to be made in different shapes to make them fit the different Trax models.

“We want the gears to be more like a Lego piece,” McNeil told CBC News.

“You can go in any shape you want.”

In addition to the new gear, Trax is working on a new “Trax 4” to use in the next-generation Trax lineup, which is expected to arrive in 2020.

Trax’s parent company, Xpedic Inc., plans to introduce the new Traxx gearbox in 2020, but McNeil says the company has not made any decisions on when that gear will be available.

McNeil said there are still a lot of parts to be assembled for the new model, including the gearboxes, and that the gear will likely take about a year to make.

“I think the big thing is to have this tool kit that we have in the tool box,” McNeill said.

“There’s going to be a lot more stuff to assemble for it, so we want it to be pretty simple and as simple as possible.”

McNeil declined to elaborate on what will be included in the new “trax gear.”

But he said the gear could include a new motor, bearings, or gears.

The gearbox can also be used on Traxx’s other gearboxes.

In an interview last year, Xedic CEO Andrew Ransom said the new gears will come with a larger, modular, more powerful motor.

“That’s going be a big feature for us as we expand to different models,” Mc Neil said.

McNeill said Xpedian plans to use a new-generation, larger gear with more than 1,000 moving parts and will be shipping in 2020 or 2021.

Xpedic’s new gear will also be part of the future Trax product lineup, Mc Neil confirmed to CBC News in an email.

Xedic is also working on its new gear.

Xpedi is working to make a TraXX 4.1 gearbox available by 2020.

Xedi said the upcoming gearbox would feature a larger motor and new bearings, but would also be assembled in the same way as Trax products.

Trax gearsets have been available for a while.

The first Trax 3.0 gearbox was released in 2008.

The current Trax series has a wide range of gears, from a small gearbox to the larger, larger, 4-speed gearbox for the Traxx 2.0 line.

Xenon Motorsports announced it was taking over the production of the Xpedis gearbox last year.

The automaker said it will manufacture the new Xpedial gearsets with the same 3D printer technology as the Traxes, but with a smaller motor and a different bearing design.

Traxx is also taking over production of Xpedios new Traix 4.2 gearbox which it plans to ship to Traxx customers in the first half of 2020.

It will also produce Xpedias new Tralex 4.4 gearbox and Xpediacs new TraiX 4 gearbox later in the year.