How to make your mountain bike better

By Football Italian staffA new range of mountain bike helmets will be introduced this summer as part of a push to tackle the helmet-to-helmet collision problem.

The first model is expected to be introduced at the 2018 World Cup, with the next one coming in 2019. 

“We want to improve the helmet quality and performance of the helmets. 

A more precise design, as well as an easier adjustment mechanism, will make them better for cycling. 

We are trying to improve helmet performance by adding a stronger inner liner to the inner shell. 

This is necessary to provide a more stable, and therefore more effective helmet,” the manufacturer said.

“A higher head space and a larger nose are also needed, as we are aiming to make the helmets stronger and longer lasting. 

The new models are designed to help cyclists to maintain the highest levels of protection in a crash.” 

The helmets come with a pair of lightweight, flexible, reinforced rubber pads that are designed for the rider to absorb impacts, while the inner liner is protected by a specially formulated composite material.

The helmet comes with a special mounting bracket that is designed to fit onto a handlebar stem and a specially made handlebar pad. 

There is also a built-in air bag to protect the helmet from the elements. 

For a full list of the helmet options, check out this new release from the manufacturer.

More to come from The Football Itama…

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