How to diagnose bad gearboxes

Here’s a simple tip to help diagnose a bad gear box.

If it’s a bad one, you might need to have a technician come out and inspect it.

You could also call the service centre, which will have a specialist to help you diagnose what’s wrong.

If your engine is running, check for oil leaks and any signs of overheating.

The engine should be running at normal temperature and idle speed.

The throttle body should be at or near the correct operating temperature.

If you have a bad clutch, check your clutch and transmission fluid.

If the transmission is running at a slow speed and you’re seeing any problems with the clutch and gears, contact your mechanic.

If there are problems with your brakes, check the brake pads and the fluid pressure on the brake fluid.

Check the brake lines.

The brakes should be free of any oil or dirt.

Check your timing belt for any signs or symptoms of wear and tear.

If so, contact the service center.

The transmission fluid should be clear of any moisture.

If a car does not come with a transmission fluid, check with your mechanic if the transmission fluid has a leak.

Check to see if the timing belt is aligned correctly.

If not, check it at the service depot.

If anything is leaking from the transmission, contact a technician.

If an oil leak occurs, contact an oil change specialist.

If oil leaks are not evident from a test drive, check if there’s a problem with the transmission.

If that is the case, it’s likely to be due to a bad transmission.

Contact your mechanic, who can assess the condition and repair the problem.

If everything is OK, you should be able to drive the car with no problems.

If any problems do occur, call the mechanic who’s there.

You might need a technician to perform the engine checks.

If all else fails, the mechanic can help you fix the problem if necessary.

The good news is that the engine is normally very good when running at the correct temperature.

However, the car should be getting good mileage.

If this is the first time the car has been used, you can also run it at a higher temperature.

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