Albinism, gears and a bike

Traxxas Racing, the brand that manufactures the Traxxa Traxxi bicycle, has a new bike in the works, the Traxis stampede.

It is an aluminium frame with a gearbox and hydraulic shock mounts.

It weighs 695 grams and has a top speed of 30kmh.

It’s currently in the design phase.

Traxas’ new bike will be sold for around €1,700 ($1,850).

Weighing around 695g and having a top speeds of 30Kph, the frame of the new Traxias stampede will be a bit heavier than its predecessor.

The bike is not yet under construction and will be offered at a price range of €1.50 ($1.85) to €1 and €1 to €2.50.

The Traxus pedals have been changed in the past year, according to a source at the company, but it will not be a fixed system, according the source.

“It will have a different type of pedal and you will be able to choose different options in terms of pedals, and we are looking at a range of different options for the new pedal,” the source said.

“We are also working on a new front brake system for the Traxes and will share more details in the coming weeks.”

The new bike is expected to be offered in the next couple of months.