When the new Airsoft Gearbox is finally ready to hit the market

A new AirSoft Gearbox Diagnostics Kit for the AK47, M4, M16A1 and M4A1B, and AK47/M4A3/M16A4 will launch later this month, and is expected to bring with it some of the most significant improvements to the airsoft gearboxes of recent memory.

The new diagnostics kit is expected in August, and will be available for $149.99 on Amazon.com.

A similar kit is currently available for the new SKS-90, and it will cost $149 with the Gearbox Upgrade Package.

A price list has not been released.

As we mentioned in our last post on the gearbox changes in the new gearbox for the ARMA series, this new diagnostic kit will allow the user to view a wide range of data related to the different types of gearboxes available to the Airsoft player.

The most recent updates to the SKS90, for example, have included a new “airsoft mode” to allow for greater flexibility in airsoft use, as well as “solo play” modes, “team play” and “casual play” options, and new “sprint mode” that allows the user a greater degree of customization.

Other features include an “Auto Diagnostic” feature that will help the user find out if the gearboxes in the user’s arsenal are working properly, as the gear will automatically be calibrated when a specific condition is detected.

In addition, a “gear load indicator” will alert the user if the “gearbox status” indicator lights up on the screen.

Another notable addition to the diagnostics system is the ability to see the current and previous configuration of the gear boxes, as a user can “manage” and save the configurations of the various gearboxes.

This can be very useful for those who have to change the settings of multiple gearboxes over time.

As mentioned previously, the diagnostic kit will be made available to users at the same price as the current SKS91/91B diagnostic kit, which was already on sale for $179.99.

If you’re interested in the kit, you can check out the official announcement on Amazon’s product page.