What’s the best gaming headset you can buy?

When it comes to gaming headsets, it’s pretty much impossible to pick the best one.

With that said, there are plenty of good ones out there and you can find them at a very reasonable price.

The good news is that they all work, and they all provide the performance you need for your gaming rig.

Here are our top 10 gaming headsets for 2017.


Oculus Rift Pro The Oculus Rift is a gaming headset that uses the Oculus VR software for its controllers.

This means you get a pair of Oculus controllers, a wireless mouse, and an app that lets you play virtual reality games.

You can pick one up for $599 or $799, but we’re recommending you buy the Rift for $1,099.


Razer Hydra The Razer Hydra is Razer’s first VR headset.

It’s based on a pair that Razer acquired back in 2015.

It includes a headset, controller, and a mouse.

This is the headset you’ll be using for the majority of your gaming sessions.

You’ll want to make sure you have a compatible mouse.


Logitech G27 Gaming Headset This is a good headset if you’re looking for a gaming-friendly setup.

It features a pair on the front that have a pair in the back that you can attach a controller.

The controller on the left is a standard controller with a few buttons on the right.

It also has a built-in microphone and headset that can play some VR games.


Razer HMD-X The Razer Hmd-X is Razer´s first VR-ready gaming headset.

This headset is also a VR-compatible headset.

The Razer headset itself is a headset with a pair.

The mouse is also included, which makes this a good option if you want to get into VR. 5.

Razer Hero 3 Razer Hero3 is a VR headset that includes a pair to play some games with.

You get a headset and a controller on top of this, and you get to use the controller with your VR headset if that’s your thing.

The headset comes with a USB port for charging.


LogicPro Series 2 LogicPRO Series 2 headsets are headsets that come with a Razer Hydra controller.

They also come with the Logitech Headset Hub and the Razer Wireless Gaming Headphone.


LogiPro Series 1 LogiPRO Series 1 headsets are headset-equipped headsets that include a Razer HID-X controller.

These headsets also come equipped with a microphone, so you can hear your headset.


Logitec Pro Gaming Headphones These are headsets with a Logitech headband and microphone that come equipped to play VR games with an external microphone.

You also get a microphone for the external microphone, which means you can play a headset-enabled game on your PC without using a headset.


Logitron VR Gaming Headgear The Logitrone VR Gaming Headsets come with two Razer Hydra controllers, and also include the Logitronic Headset.

This includes a microphone and USB port that can be plugged into your PC for charging or gaming.


Logiton Pro Gaming Headset The Logiton VR Gaming headsets are a pair headset with the Razer Hydra.

You’re also able to use them as a VR gaming headset and connect a headset to your PC to connect to the external audio.