What it means for the Republican Party and the country’s future

The Republican Party is on a collision course with Donald Trump, and for good reason.

Its not a party that cares about anything but itself.

It is a party of fear.

That’s why Trump won the nomination and why Trumpism has become the defining force of the Republican right, and the party has lost its ability to govern.

It’s why the GOP establishment has turned its back on its own voters.

And it’s why a candidate like Donald Trump is likely to continue to rise in the polls and even be nominated in 2020.

What Trump has done, though, is to take the Republican party to a dangerous place.

If Trumpism is to become the party of conservatism in America, he must go.

But that means a political revolution.

A revolution against Trump.

That revolution begins with Trump’s downfall.


The Party Has Become a Hate Machine 1.1.

What is Trump?

Trump is a dangerous, self-absorbed, narcissistic personality who has alienated his base of support and alienated his allies, many of whom have been members of his own party for years.

Trump has repeatedly proven to be a threat to the Republican establishment and the Republican electorate, and he has done so by appealing to a base of voters who have been alienated by a government that is out of control, and who are fearful that their future is in jeopardy.

When he was first elected in 2016, his message was that he would “Make America Great Again.”

Today, that message has become a hate-filled hate-speech that is not only insulting to his supporters, but also to his critics.

In a speech last month at the National Prayer Breakfast, Trump said that the GOP should “defeat this enemy that has taken over our country” and that “the people are tired of our politicians, and they are tired at the corrupt, phony, dishonest, and dangerous system of politics that is taking over our government.”

Trump has called for the “total and complete” destruction of the American political system, which he calls “the most corrupt political system that has ever existed.”

In that same speech, he also said that “this country was never founded on Christian principles.

It was founded on the blood of Jesus Christ.”

And he said that Christians “have been betrayed by the very system that they worship.”

This is the most dangerous ideology on the planet.

It has nothing to do with American values, which Trump clearly believes.

He also thinks the Bible is the “supreme law of the land,” and that the Founding Fathers “created the United States of America” on the premise that the Bible, the Constitution, and our Founding Fathers created the United State of America.

Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make American Great Again,” is one of his favorite slogans, and it is also one of the most racist and hateful in the Republican political vocabulary.

The word “great” is not used in his campaign slogan.

In the past, Trump has referred to himself as “The Great.”

In this, he is clearly a fascist.

Trump calls himself the “king of the world” and claims to be “the greatest” in the world.

Trump says that he is “the only one who is actually in charge” of the country, that he can “take over the world,” and says that “America is the only country that has a monopoly on violence.”

Trump’s worldview is deeply disturbing, and his campaign is the perfect vehicle for spreading this toxic ideology.

He is not merely a demagogue.

He embodies the worst aspects of authoritarianism, racism, and hatred.


The Republican Establishment Is Abandoning Trump’s Campaign and His Agenda The Republican establishment has abandoned Trump and his ideology.

They have given up on his populist message of hope and change.

They’ve given up because they know that the only way to win elections is to appeal to a racist base, and Trump’s base is very racist.

The GOP establishment’s failure to appeal and appeal to Trump’s racist base has led to the erosion of its own ability to influence the future of the party.

In fact, in many ways, the Republican Establishment is now actively working to undermine Trump.

1: How Does Trumpism Become the Party of Trump?


Trump is Winning the GOP Race for the White House The Republican race for the presidency has been won by Trump.

It will likely be Trump’s party for the foreseeable future.

Trumpism will continue to grow and expand and will continue Trump’s ascendance as the party’s presidential candidate.

The problem for the GOP is that it has no strategy to compete against Trump’s populist message and his hatred of immigrants and the American middle class.

The party has failed to offer a credible alternative to Trumpism.

The only real alternative to his message is to defeat him and to win the nomination.

1 : The Party Cannot Go Down Without a Fight 1.4.

What Happens in 2020?

Trump will be the nominee in 2020, but he will be a very different person than he was in 2016. His base