Toys store sells 2,000 Star Wars Lego toys, but they’re really Star Wars toys

Toy store owner Tony L. has been selling Lego Star Wars and other Star Wars-related items at his toy store for two years, and now he’s got 2,050 more Lego Star War toys in stock.

He’s also had some fans who have bought the toys on eBay.

He tells ABC News that he’s selling the toys because he’s been able to make the extra money, but also because he wants to make sure the toys are safe and in good condition.

“I want to make this safe for kids to play with, to see the play toys in a way they never have before,” he says.

“It’s really good for children to play in the toy store and play with toys, and to see what’s in the box, it makes them feel safe.”

Toy stores are seeing a rise in Star Wars toy sales, with a handful of chains selling the products online.

One store in Chicago has been able, though, to keep up with demand.

Tony L., who owns Toy Toy Bazaar in suburban New Orleans, has sold out of Lego Star Knights for about a year, and it’s gotten to the point where he can’t keep up.

He told ABC News he had sold out in just over two months.

“We had sold over 1,000 of these Star Wars minifigures, so we sold over 2,300 of these,” he said.

The toy line has grown in popularity as a way to make more money. “

So that means I have a pretty good supply of them in the store.”

The toy line has grown in popularity as a way to make more money.

The toy companies are also getting more popular with children.

L. says he’s seeing more kids playing with the toys.

“They’re more open, more adventurous, they’re playing with them, they enjoy it,” he told ABC.

“Kids are playing with Star Wars because it’s fun,” he added.

“Star Wars is a great way to bring kids together.

They can make something that’s meaningful to them.”

He said that he has seen children playing with Lego Star Lords, which have a “really cool feel” to them, as well as Star Wars Minifigges.

“We’ve had kids coming in, like 10 to 12, playing with Minifigs and playing with their friends,” he explained.

“They’ve got a lot of fun, and I’ve seen a lot more kids come in and play,” he continued.

“I can’t tell you how many people come in here and they’ve got toys they love.”

The toys can be purchased in one of two ways.

One option is to pay a small deposit, and then you can go to the store and pick up a toy.

You can also buy a large box of toys for the same price, but you have to get permission to get into the store.

Tony L., owner of Toy Bazaq, told ABC that he sells more toys than he can fit into the space.

“People come in with the big boxes of toys, they have the big toys,” he laughed.

“But the people that come in are not necessarily the kids that are playing the most.”

Tony L. said that his store has gotten the best reviews for the toys, so he hopes that more people will buy them.

“A lot of people have bought toys that they didn’t even know were Star Wars,” he admitted.

When I say I have the best store, I mean the best.”ABC News’ Stephanie Grisham contributed to this report.