Toyota Motor Corp.’s $12 billion gearbox maker is planning to shutter its U.S. operations and move its production to China

Toyota Motor Inc. said Tuesday it will shut down its U,S.

plants and move production to a Chinese plant, raising concerns about a potential slowdown in the U.K. auto maker’s production growth in the past year.

Toyota Motor Co. said the move is expected to start early next year, and the plants will be shuttered from late 2018 to 2019.

The Japanese automaker has faced criticism over its use of fuel-saving technologies that have slowed growth in U.L.I. and elsewhere in Asia.

The plant closings come amid a broader restructuring at Toyota Motor’s plant in Oshawa, Ont., and a move to invest $500 million in its Oshawa Assembly Plant, according to a company news release.

Toyota is also closing its Oshawas manufacturing plant, which is part of the Oshawa assembly plant.

The Oshawa plant is expected be finished in 2019 and is scheduled to become a new plant for Toyota Motor in 2019.

The automaker is also shutting down its plants in Waco, Texas, and Monterrey, Mexico, in an effort to focus on its global operations, the news release said.

Toyota has said it expects to add 2 million new jobs in North America this year and will invest $100 billion in its operations.

The company said it will reduce its workforce by about 500,000 jobs, including the closure of its Oshwa assembly plant and the Oshawasa plant in Ontario.

Automakers across the globe have been grappling with slowing global demand and a lack of new plants, with China accounting for about one-quarter of the world’s automobile production.

The U.B.C. plant is the largest of its kind in the world, producing gasoline, diesel and jet engines.

Trucks made of fuel cell technology, the type of battery that powers a Toyota Prius hybrid, are in production at the plant, and Toyota said it is working on a battery pack that can be used on its new Prius Hybrid.

It also said it has begun to design a new electric vehicle that could be made at its Waco assembly plant that will be ready for production in 2020.

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