Nissan’s ‘ashcroft’ gearbox replaced with ‘dg’ replacement

Nissan has confirmed it is replacing the ‘ashcrove’ gearboxes used in its Nissan GTR, DGT, and GRC sports cars with “Dg” gearboxes.

Dg is the abbreviation for the Dynamic Gearing Control System, a system that combines the engine’s powertrain with the chassis’s chassis control system.

The DGs use a “hybrid” engine and gearbox.

The ‘ashbridge’ gear boxes in Nissan’s cars were not designed to work with the ‘dgt’ gear, which is a different design to the “ashcroves” in Nissan GTS and GTR.

Nissan confirmed to the BBC it was “currently developing a solution that is compatible with all of the vehicles in the future.”

In a statement, Nissan said it has been working with engineers from Mercedes-Benz to develop a solution for the future.

“Nissan is working with Mercedes-AMG to develop an upgrade that enables the ‘Dg’ gear box to work in all of its future vehicles,” the statement read.

As we previously reported, Nissan is in talks with Mercedes for a “DG upgrade” that would enable it to build its “GTR-like” DGs in the next few years.

In the meantime, there are some cars on the road that will continue to use the ‘Ashbridges’ for some time.

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