How to use a stock Airsoft Gearbox

Here is a tutorial on how to install an airsoft gear box using a stock stock airsoft gun.

It should not require a huge amount of technical knowledge, but it can be quite a bit of fun and can give you a good idea of what you can do with the stock airgun.

First things first, the stock gearbox should not be removed from the gun until after you have removed the stock stock mag.

This is because the stock mag has to go somewhere.

This usually involves replacing the stock ammunition magazine, or you can replace the magazine and replace the gun with a new one.

In some cases you can also remove the stock battery, or replace it with a battery from an alternative brand.

Now that you have the stock gun, you will need to install the stock parts on the gearbox.

First of all you will want to make sure the gearstick is installed properly.

If you have a new stock gun you can simply re-install the stock part, but if you do not, then you need to remove the gear stick from the gear box.

There are two screws that you will use to remove it from the stock, one at the front of the gear-box and the other at the back of the stock.

The gearstick screws on the front and back of a gearbox will be threaded to a hex key, or the key is held by a rubber band on the back.

The screws that go around the top of the gears stick will be held by two hex keys.

These hex keys will go around and around the inside of the hex key.

When the hex keys come out of the back side of the screw, they will be in a small recess in the front side of each gearstick.

This recess will be the part that you need the gearsticks for, and is where you will remove the screws.

Now the gear sticks are attached to the gearboxes with some screws.

These are a simple bolt, nut and washer attachment, but they are made from high quality plastic, so they can take a beating if you drop them or get them knocked off.

If the gear on the stock is loose, you can easily damage the gearsticks.

So you need a good bit of torque to hold the gear onto the gear boxes.

It is a good bet to replace the gear in the stock when the gear is loose.

If this is the case, you may have to unscrew the nut and bolt that holds the gear to the gun.

You will need a pair of pliers to remove them.

The bolt that goes on the bolt that comes with the gear comes out of a small hole in the gear.

You can get this hole by pushing it in with your finger, or by inserting a small screwdriver into the hole.

The bolts that go on the gears can be easily bent if you want to tighten it.

You may also want to replace these bolts if they become loose.

I personally recommend you not to bend these bolts, because they are usually very durable.

When you take off the bolt with the washer, you should see the metal rod that holds it in place.

You do not need to use force to get it out, but you will have to push it out with your fingers or the pliers.

The nuts that go onto the bolt on the end of the washers are also made from metal.

You should use a good amount of torque, and use a small flathead screwdriver to push them out of their sockets.

You should now be able to easily remove the gears and install the new ones.

You are going to have to loosen up the gear from the mag.

You need to loosen the bolt and bolt nut, and you will then be able access the gears.

When this is done, you have to remove both the bolt nut and the bolt.

When they are both loose, they can be used to access the new gears and put them back in place if you did not loosen the bolts before.

Now we are going in to the fun part.

This part is a little more complicated than the other two parts.

First, you need an air compressor to hold your new gear.

I recommend using a compressor that has a small metal plate that is mounted in the center of the gun, and a metal ring that sits on the outside of the tube.

The compressor is a metal plate with a large, rubber ring around it.

If your gun is a M1 carbine or M4 carbine, the metal plate has a rubber ring on the inside, and the rubber ring is on the outer side of this plate.

The rubber ring that goes around the metal gearbox on a M4 Carbine will look like a long, metal ring.

The rubber ring will also be about the same diameter as the gun barrel, and it will sit right where the rubber plate sits.

The M1 and M4 gearboxes have this metal ring, so it will fit perfectly in between the metal frame and