How a new $1,000,000 Tesla Model S is worth $10,000 more than a similar $60,000 BMW

Posted October 15, 2018 07:59:06 While the new BMW M3 is currently the most expensive car on the planet, the Tesla Model X is actually the most affordable one out of the three, according to the automaker’s new sales figures.

BMW said the Model X was the most profitable model of 2018 for the first time ever, with sales increasing by 12% to $8.7 billion.

The BMW M2, the car that first made waves after Tesla’s debut, sold just over 2 million units in its first year, with $3.5 billion of sales.

Tesla, however, has sold 1.3 million Model S cars since its debut, a record for a single model.

The new Model X and Model X P90D, the electric SUV that’s already available, will debut at a price of $55,000 and $59,000 respectively.

The $100,000 Model X costs $80,000 after incentives, while the $70,000 version will be available in April.

The Model X comes with a four-cylinder, 0.93-liter four-pot V8 engine that can deliver up to 671 horsepower and a torque of 315 pound-feet.

The price is also a little higher than the previous record holder, the Audi Q7, which debuted at $80 million in 2017.

BMW is looking to continue the Model S legacy of affordable luxury cars that are still able to compete in the increasingly competitive market, despite a number of design changes that could potentially result in the new Model Y. In addition to selling the Model Y, the company also announced the first production model of the Model 3, which it said will be offered at a $35,000 price tag.

BMW says that, with the Model 4 coming later this year, the luxury luxury luxury brand will also offer the Model Z SUV.

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