Ford is developing a rear-wheel drive version of its RC car gear box for 2019

Posted October 02, 2019 09:00:00A few weeks back, Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) unveiled a new rear-drive gearbox that could change the face of sports car technology.

This gearbox is called the Ford RC-Car Gearbox and it’s a full-time job for a Ford engineer working on the Ford Mustang and Focus RS, both of which are being developed by Ford.

The company’s announcement is the latest in a string of announcements that have taken place in the last few years about the future of sports cars.

But this new gearbox may be the biggest and most ambitious to date.

It’s a forward-facing gearboxWith the RC-car gearbox and its new rear wheel drive (RWD) capabilities, Ford is attempting to shift the sportscar market toward a front-wheel-drive (FWD) model.

This move is a major departure from the status quo, which is largely reserved for two-wheel, front-drive sports cars like the Ford Fiesta and Mustang.

This shift is the culmination of Ford’s efforts to develop an all-new rear-engine, all-wheel control (EAC) sports car in the near future.EAC is a sports car platform that leverages the advantages of a front engine, all wheel drive setup with a high degree of autonomy.

When compared to FWD, this is the most capable rear-engined platform available for performance.EAS and the new Ford RC gearbox are designed for use on the Mustang.

In order to achieve the full-front-drive EAC performance capability of the RC car, Ford engineers had to develop a gearbox with the full range of front-engine and rear-rear-drive powertrains, from direct injection to electric motors.

This new gear box is not the same as the Ford Focus RS that has been in production for several years.

The new gearboxes are also designed to work on the F-150, the Ford F-350 and the Ford Ranger.

Ford’s focus on EAC is part of the company’s strategy to get to the next level with the Mustang and the Focus RS.

The Focus RS is expected to arrive sometime in 2021 and will likely be a more advanced platform than the RC cars currently in production.

The Ford Mustang is scheduled to debut in 2019, and the next-generation Mustang X is slated to arrive in 2020.

Ford says it is working on an all new front-engines, all wheels drive (F-Type) platform for the futureFord is the only automaker that has yet to reveal an all wheel-drive, all drive (E-Type or F-Type in some cases) sports vehicle.

While the Focus has been a major contributor to the development of the F series, the Mustang is a different beast entirely.

Ford has built a platform to develop and market this new front wheel drive platform.

Ford says the next platform will be the F, and that it will feature “all-wheel steering, electric propulsion and a new high performance front suspension that allows for the vehicle to reach its full potential.”

This new platform will also include “high-friction damping and lightweight, high-strength aluminum composite rear axle that are engineered to be lighter than any rear axle in the industry.”

The new front suspension will feature lightweight aluminum composite construction with all-metal front and rear links.

The front links are made of a material called “anodized aluminum” and have a high strength.

Ford claims this material can withstand the force of a large, hard object up to 50,000 pounds.

The suspension is lightweight in design and will be able to handle a large amount of weight without compromising the vehicle’s ride quality.

Ford also announced a new hybrid electric car, the Fusion, for the next generation Focus RS and the F150.

The Fusion will feature a hybrid motor that will generate the electric power and will drive the front wheels, and Ford says this new hybrid will have a “full range of performance from zero to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds.”

The Fusion will also feature a fully electric propulsion system that will produce approximately 50 percent of the fuel required for the electric vehicle, which will be supplied by a new lithium-ion battery pack.

Ford’s new hybrid powertrain is not expected to be ready for the 2018 Mustang, although Ford said it is “ready to deliver it in 2019.”

The Fusion is also expected to use an electric motor that can produce 60-mph times of around 5 seconds.

Ford is also planning a hybrid electric SUV, the Flex, for 2019.

The Flex will be based on a hybrid technology that uses hybrid engine technology.

The system is expected not to have a full electric powertrain.

Ford plans to release the first new front drive sports car to arrive on the market in 2020, the 2019 Ford Focus.

This car will have an all electric powerplant and will use the Fusion powertrain and