Worm gearbox gearbox wins Sportscar Racing World Series title

The Worm gearboxes, which were introduced by Subaru in 2014, were the first to be used on a production car and are now part of the Sportscar racing program.

The team said it was thrilled to have the gearbox win the Sportscars World Series for the first time.

“We’re thrilled that our new gearbox will join the ranks of the best gearboxes in the world,” Subaru Sports Car Manager Ryan O’Neill said in a statement.

“The Worm gear boxes are the first in the series to receive a direct shift, and the fact that the gearboxes also have a rear-wheel drive setup is really an amazing achievement.

The Worm gears are well worth the extra effort to get them in a car that is also a true racing machine.”

The worm gearboxes are made from aluminum and have a total of six gears, four of which are geared by hand.

The gearboxes use a two-stage gearbox design, which makes them quieter than traditional gearboxes.

The Worms are available with either a five-speed or six-speed transmission.