Why don’t more kids buy lootboxes?

On Saturday, the Ontario government announced a $50 million fund to help make sure kids don’t buy loot boxes.

But critics are raising questions about whether the money will help, as well as the extent to which it will help.

The fund was announced after the province announced last month that it was scrapping the program and would instead focus on a more targeted and targeted response to kids buying loot boxes, a move it described as a “small step forward.”

Critics say the fund will only provide the province with “an interim solution” that will fail to address a key problem of how kids are getting into the game.

The Ontario government says the new money will go towards the purchase of “educational materials” to help kids learn about the games.

It’s also intended to help schools in the province “develop policies and programs to ensure children understand the game.”

But critics say the money is an interim solution that doesn’t address a fundamental issue.

“It’s going to make it even harder for kids to find a way to participate in the game, and it’s going a long way toward creating a toxic environment for kids,” said Mark Cawthon, a professor at Simon Fraser University who has studied loot boxes and other online games.

The province’s announcement came just weeks after the Ontario legislature passed legislation to regulate the sale of loot boxes in the state.

The province is now looking at how to respond to the province’s legislation.

“There is a lack of clarity on the definition of loot box,” said Kathleen Wynne, the premier, at the time.

“We are moving forward with new legislation that is intended to better define what loot boxes are.”

Critics are also worried that the new fund will fail.

The Canadian Association of School Boards said that while the funding is intended as a pilot program, it is “not intended to provide a definitive definition of what loot box is,” or to provide “meaningful guidance to parents or students about what the term means.”

“It is also not designed to address the specific issues that we are seeing,” said John Sargent, president of the CAASB.

The CAABS says loot boxes may be a new phenomenon but they have been around for some time.

The organization said in a statement that while there is no clear definition of the term ” loot box ,” “the term has been used in some contexts to describe a type of online gaming platform that offers loot, items and cosmetic items for purchase.”

The association also said that loot boxes can often be found in other games such as Candy Crush, but that “while they may appear in games like Candy Crush or in other popular video games, there is nothing to suggest they are necessarily the same thing.”

In addition, it said that the terms “loot box” and “looter” have different meanings.

The federal government has taken a tougher stance on loot boxes than the Ontario province, saying that it is not a form of gambling.

But it said it will “implement a range of measures to help ensure that children are able to access the loot they want and are not misled by misleading terms.”

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