When the engine dies, so does the truck, but it’s the engine that dies with the gearbox

By Kevin BuhlerCNN contributorCNN|Published Sep 01, 2018 11:59:49The transmission on a Toyota Highlander.

It’s a very good one.

It doesn’t do a lot of things, but you know, it’s got a lot more gears than the average gearbox.

It’s a really good transmission.

But it has a bad clutch.

And that means when the engine fails, it goes to the clutch.

So when you start to get that clutch failure, that can cause an engine failure.

And that’s what the transmission is designed to do.

And when it’s not doing that it’s going to have a lot less power.

The transmission is supposed to be able to help keep the engine alive.

But what you have to remember is the transmission’s designed to handle everything that comes your way, including the clutch failure.

So if the transmission gets to that point, it doesn’t help the car and it can actually cause damage to the transmission.

And it’s a big problem because it can cause a transmission failure that causes the engine to go to the crankshaft, that could result in the engine going to the carburetor, which would also start the engine.

And if that happens, it could result, of course, in a loss of power and a loss in performance.

So the problem is the car’s going into gear and you have the transmission having to stop and take that gear back because you don’t have the power.

And this is a big concern.

And Toyota is going to look at this and say, well, maybe we can do better.

And maybe we could do better with the transmission, maybe with the engine, maybe better.

We have been testing the transmission in different cars for the last two years, and we’ve seen that we can get it to be very good.

The only problem is that we’ve had to make some changes with the clutch, and the clutch is a really important part of the transmission because it’s there to keep the car going.

So we’ve really had to learn a lot to get it right.

It doesn’t have much of a gearbox to speak of, and it’s very basic.

But when it comes to transmission performance, it does have a pretty good one, and that’s an important thing to have, because it makes a big difference.

And we’re going to be working with Toyota to see if we can make this a little bit better.

It could improve the transmission performance because it will have a little more range, because we’re not going to use the same clutch, which is going not to be a big deal, but there could be some kind of performance improvement there.

And when we’re doing this in the future, we’re also going to take it out of the factory and take it into our test facility, which will help us see how it performs.

So it’s been really good.

We’ve had great fun with it, and I’m really happy with it.

And we’re looking forward to having it in our cars as we start the 2019 season.