How to build a Legos Lego Gearbox

Posted August 15, 2018 05:05:03 The Lego Mindstorms Legos Lego kit is a piece of equipment you can assemble to make a few Legos bricks and a few pieces of gearbox.

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to build your own Lego kit, including the parts you’ll need to attach to the legs, the gears, and how to assemble the gearbox to your Lego kit.

Parts List For Legos kit: For the lego kit, you’ll want to start by building a lego box.

You’ll need a base plate to hold the Lego pieces in place.

Here’s how to make one: 1.

Remove the top plate of your Lego box from the base plate, then slide the legs apart to remove the baseplate.


Cut the legs out of the base to make the box legs.


Cut a piece to fit the baseplates legs.


Slide the base plates legs onto the legs to attach them to the base box.


Cut pieces of lego to attach the gears to the gearboxes legs.


Remove any loose Lego pieces that might be on the legs and gears.


Build the Lego box legs out from the top baseplate, and cut a piece out to fit.


Cut out a gearbox for your Lego gearbox so it can fit inside the box.


Cut legs out and assemble the gears and gearbox into your Lego kits legs.