How to Get the Best Mountain Bike Gearbox for Your Bike

A mountain bike gear box is a bike’s essential component.

From the seat post to the shifter and chainstay, all that’s needed to keep your bike moving and ready to roll is a sturdy, lightweight unit.

For many riders, though, this gearbox is where the fun begins.

A good mountain bike toolbox can save you hours and hours of frustration.

The best gearbox to get your bike into the perfect gear is the mountain bike’s internal gearbox.

You want the most reliable gearbox, the best braking system, and the most powerful gearing possible, which means the gearbox needs to be mounted on a solid surface.

The better the mountain bikes gearbox and the stronger the chainstay and shifter, the more stable the bike is.

A good gearbox can be the difference between a ride that’s perfect for you and one that’s not.

Here are the top 10 gearboxes for your mountain bike.1.

Giant Pista 8.2 lbs.

(1.75 kg)The Pista is a big-name brand that’s been making mountain bike equipment since 1976.

In that time, the company has become known for its mountain bike components, including the Pista 11-speed road bike, Pista mountain bike derailleur, and a wide variety of gear options.

Giant has a mountain bike kit with its Pista line that is rated for 10-20 hours of riding on one charge.

If you’re looking for a bike that won’t fail you, you can get this gear for less than $100 on Amazon.

This is a great bargain, considering the quality and value of the gear.2.

Superb Gravity 8.4 lbs. 

(2.5 kg) Superb Gravity is a manufacturer of mountain bike accessories that make the gear you need for your bike much more reliable. 

Superbrigand’s gearbox comes in three different sizes: 10, 15, and 20-speed.

The 20- and 10-speed versions can be purchased separately, and if you want a set of both, you’ll pay $125 for each.

The Superbrigands 10- and 15-speed gearboxes are a great value.

They come with two sets of bearings, a drivetrain, and chainrings.

The chainrings are rated for 30 miles, and Superbrigs gearbox has a built-in shock. 

You can pick up the Superbriggas gearbox on Amazon for $149.99.3.

Shimano Ultegra 7.4lbs (3.8 kg) Shimano has a long history of building mountain bike gears.

Shimans mountain bike drivetrain is a 10-Speed, and all the Shimano products that you might be familiar with include mountain bike hubs, drivetrain bearings, and derailleurs.

The Ultega model is a 30-speed with a 20-spoke rim and a chainring that can be mounted to a regular road bike. 

Shimano Ulto is one of the best mountain bike chainsets around.

Shimon’s Ultegraphics drivetrain offers the best chainring options on the market, and its Ultegrates gearbox offers 20-30-percent higher gearing for faster braking.

Shimones Ultegrid offers a full set of gear, including chainrings, a derailleer, and even a shock.

The gearbox with the best gear for a super fast ride is the Ultegro drivetrain.4.

Shimax Ritchey 9.4 lbs  (6.2 kg) The Ritchelys gearbox is the second-best mountain bike hub.

It’s the same design as the Shimax Ultex and the Shimazu Ultexa, but the Ritchellys gearboxes can handle higher speeds and lower gears.

The Ritschelys is a good choice for riders who want the best gearing available for their bikes.5.

Specialized Xtreme 9.6 lbs   (8.3 kg) Specialized has a great mountain bike lineup.

The Xtrex line of mountain bikes has been around for a while, and they are made up of the Rival X, Z, and Elite series.

The company has a variety of mountain gearboxes and hubs for a wide range of bikes.

If your budget is tight, you might want to consider a mountain gearbox for your road bike instead.6.

Bontrager Sport 10.5lbs  (11.2kg) Bontron is another great manufacturer of gearboxes.

Its Ritclogs are very similar to Shimano’s Ult, and it has a 20mm chainring and the same 20-speeds of gearing.

It also has the best rack on the planet for fast, smooth and stable rides.

If that’s what you’re after, check out the Bontrus line of gear